Calling all High-Achieving Women
Ready to Grow Their Business, God's way!

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People-Focused Marketing

a 3-Day LIVE Event!
(April 28-30th)


Learn how to exponentially grow your business, elevating people over technology!

Too many women are working waaaayyyyy too hard to generate consistent revenue:

- Posting multiple times a day, on a bunch of social platforms & feeling tied to the phone or laptop (desperately trying to 'please' the ever-finicky algorithms)

- Operating from a place of lack, doubt and fear, instead of faith (chasing prospects who end up being tire-kickers and freebie-seekers, not knowing how to find qualified leads)

- Wasting thousands on software, apps & tech-related services they don't even understand (thinking 'this could be the one thing I've been missing')

- Doing 'all the things' working 10, even 12+ hours a day (with little to nothing to show for it; except overwhelm, frustration & exhaustion)

AND, perhaps most concerning:

- Feeling inauthentic, using tactics recommended by coaches & influencers who espouse a modern world view (all the while searching for a God-honoring approach)

It's time to focus on the people you're meant to serve. And be the confident, faith-fueled CEO Christ called you to be.

Join me in this free LIVE event to skyrocket your business growth
(and bring simplicity & joy to running your business!)

I know why you're struggling in business.
And I can't wait to give you the 'fix' that will truly change everything!
(a highly profitable business is on the other side of this free workshop)

Inside you'll learn how to:
establish marketing practices that work & feel good (focus is the key);
connect with the people you're meant to serve (using your innate God-given skills); &
develop time-saving workflows (never miss another opportunity!)

Ready for your breakthrough?

>>This virtual event takes place April 28-30th<<
Trainings happening LIVE @ 12 noon ET
(w/ BONUS Trainings happening May 1-4th)

- all trainings will be recorded & available to registrants ONLY -

Bonus LIVEs, trainings & giveaways!


Only Registrants will receive our Multi-Page Workshop Workbook
(with BONUS material)